Scrap Safely.

Often times, members make mistakes when they first enter the game that effect them later on. By abusing the "scrap " feature, they can find themselves in a rut. These five tips can help prevent that...

1. Keep A SpareEdit

Don't scrap the last of ANY item. This is good just in case you need it and for CORE achievements.

2. Don't Scrap It Before Try It Edit

Don't scrap an item before you use if, especially if it has a special ability that you don't recognize.

  • Once learn to read stats in the game and make educated choices based on the stats you read, this won't apply to you.

3. Don't Scrap It If Can Sell ItEdit

Always check to see if there are any valuable trades for your item. Often times, trading is more beneficial that scrapping.

4. Don't Scrap It If Can't Stash ItEdit

Make sure you have the appropriate Storage levels for consistent scrapping.

5. Check Before CheckEdit

Always take a glance at the interface before you scrap to make sure you don't accidently scrap a valuable, modded or otherwise meaningful piece.